Why WordPress?

As far as website platforms go, there are many reasons why WordPress is by far the most popular choice on the market. According to 2015 data from W3Techs, around 25% of all websites are hosted on WordPress. For one system to have such a commanding portion of the market, something must be in their favour. But what?
We all have different needs when it comes to websites. It is almost like cars. Some people need space to carry 10 people at a time, others need to be able to carry large items, some are in need of speed, and others of luxury.
Websites are no different. There are thousands of different functions that need to be catered for when building websites. In some cases, these functionalities must be designed from the ground up as a one-off project. This could be time-consuming and costly. But not always with WordPress. There are so many off the shelf solutions available and that is only one of the reasons why WordPress is so popular.

WordPress was released on 27 May 2003, and today it is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in the world.


Saves You Money

There are thousands of WordPress themes on the market today, and most of them are updated on a regular basis. These updates are to incorporate all the latest industry requirements and to expand functionalities and compatibility with various plugins to further extend the features and design options.
If you had a website coded from scratch, these types of updates can be expensive.


WordPress Plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins on the market, some free, some premium, to help you extend the functionalities of your WordPress website. To get these functionalities on other platforms can be costly, especially on one-off created websites.


Market Share

As said before, WordPress commands a 25% share in the market. What this means for you, is that a lot more development goes into WordPress products than any other platform. Bugs are found a lot faster and resolved a lot quicker.



WordPress started out as a platform for bloggers. Due to this, WP had a bit of a bad reputation back in the day, but things have changed. Back then, being a blogger was kind of sneered at. Luckily for businesses and all who wants to get their messages out to the world, people have seen the power of blogs in marketing. The way we do business and advertising have changed forever…
Blogging is not a business by itself. It is only a promotional platform.” – David Risley



When changes need to be made, or new content must be added to your site, it can be done from any place in the world. And from any device that has an internet connection. You do not need special software on your device to be able to access the admin dashboard of your WordPress website.


Speedy Updates

Another great reason why WordPress is such a popular CMS is the fact that you can make updates and add new content yourself. You do not have to send the content to your website developer to upload it. You can do from where ever you are, whenever you want.
Caution: If you are not familiar with SEO and content writing, rather have a developer do it until you have mastered the needed skills to achieve maximum results from your content.


Flexibility Of WordPress

You can change the look and feel of your site whenever you want and as trends change. Every so often there is a new tendency on how a website should look. A couple of years ago black backgrounds were the thing, today it is not. Lately, we have all kinds of visual effects and animations that command the attention of website visitors. Who says these effects will still be fashionable in 5 years’ time? There might be something new on the market, or you just want to rearrange some things on your home page. Or add new services to your site. With WordPress, it is much easier and less expensive to do these things than with other platforms or one-off designs. Click on the link to see how many layout options there are with a single WordPress theme and experience the Flexibility of WordPress Themes.


Responsive Design

Can you recall what surfing the web on your mobile device was like just a couple of years ago? It felt as if you were trying to read a magazine while looking through a pipe…
Not so today, a big must is a mobile responsive website. With some designs, you need 2 separate sites for this. One for desktop and one mobile site. Others you need special attachments to the software for the site to display perfectly on smaller devices.
With most themes, it is as easy as enabling mobile responsive design and it is done.



Social Network Integration

Your website can be setup in such a way that when a post is published, it is shared automatically on your social profiles. Visitors can also share your content on these platforms in two easy steps. This will bring more clicks to your site. You can also have links to your social pages that will allow readers to connect with these pages, straight from your site. How convenient is that?



The ease of selling products from a WordPress website is one of the reasons why so many eCommerce websites run on it. From digital products like photos, eBooks, software and so much more. With instant download after the transaction has been completed, to physical products with shipping manifestos. You don’t even have to worry about invoices. Once the setup has been done, customer invoices will be mailed to them automatically.
Running a restaurant, a workshop, a hair salon, tattoo parlour, or any other type of business where you work on bookings? These bookings can be made straight from your WordPress eCommerce website.
Selling physical products? No problem for a WordPress powered site. Plugins like Woocommerce can handle everything for you, from payments, orders, invoicing and tracking. All you have to do is get the products ready and arrange with the courier for shipping.


Schedule Your Posts

The best practice is to publish articles periodically. But who wants to write a series of say 5 pieces of content, and upload them one at a time, every second day? With WordPress, you can write a complete series of articles, upload them all at once, and schedule the publishing date for each of them.


Search Engine Optimized

WordPress is fully SEO friendly to make sure that your well-planned and written articles and pages are indexed fully by all the different search engines.
If you are unclear about the role of SEO on a website and the impact it can have on your business, please read What is SEO.

There are many more reasons why WordPress is the most versatile and used CMS on the market. These are all reasons why WordPress is the preferred platform to run our own site on. And why we recommend it so highly to all our customers.

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You can also have a look at our Web Design Packages to get an idea of what your site might cost.
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