Pre designed Website


Every single business deserves and needs an online presence, especially in times like these. But we know that not all can afford the high costs of a custom one-off website. For this reason, we have decided to introduce template-based website packages.

A template-based website is a fully functional website, just like any other. The only difference is that pre-designed templates are used when building the site.

Template-based sites are a lot cheaper than once-off designed sites.
It is a lot faster to build than once-off sites.
It is just as easy to extend as any other website.
The layout can always be changed at a later stage to make the site more unique.

Not at all. A specific template might be named “Medical”, but you can always remove or modify the sections that are not applicable to your business.

We will build up to a 3-page site, more pages can be added at a cost of R150 per page.

No, but, is advised for consistency of the design.

All the content and images, fonts and colour schemes.

First you must choose the pages you want us to use for your site.
Then you get in contact with us, either by email or phone. (you can use our contact form)
We will discuss all your needs and arrange for a date.
Once your deposit is payed, we will bookmark a date for your site to be built.
See our list below for what is needed from you.

First thing you need to do is to get in touch with us to arrange when you want your site done. After we have made the arrangements, you pay the deposit into our bank account.

Before we can start, there are a couple of things you need to do.

Choose a template

You need to choose the template and contact form you like. We have added some pre designed hero sections that you can choose from if you do not like the layout of the hero section that comes with the template.

Write Content

Content for your site must written. Keep the template format in mind when writing the content.
Please refer to our page on SEO just to give you an idea of keywords and such.


Obviously all the images on the template must be changed to suit your business. If you do not have high quality images readily available, you can search for free images on sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, Stocksnap, Pxhere, and Pexels.
Please note that all full width images such as hero and background must be at least 1 920 px wide, all half page images at least 1 000 px wide. Smaller image sizes depend on the application.


If you want to use specific fonts on the site, please inform us about this. Please note that some fonts might need additional payments as they are not included, and the designers of these fonts do charge for licences.


We need to know what colours you want us to use in the menu, body and header texts. Also any other place on the site where it might be applicable.

Please be specific with the colours by stating the Hex codes of each colour. These codes can be found on Google.


You will need to supply us with a logo in PNG format with a clear background.

Contact details

We will need your contact details and desired email addresses to setup your contact forms.


We will need a document from you stating which images and content must be used where on the site.