What is SEO? – How does it affect your business website?

Have you ever wondered what is SEO and how to get the most out of good SEO practices? I will try and explain it in as simple terms as I can while exploring SEO basics without getting too technical.

Website load time – Factors that influence page speed

There are so many things that will impact on your website load time. Here we have a look at the basic factors that have a major impact on site speed.

Page Speed – How does it affect your business?

Have you ever thought about how your website page speed directly affects your business? Find out how much you might be losing due to a slow website.

Why your business needs a website – Get and retain more customers.

Are you leaving money on the table? Are you losing potential customers you don't even know about? Here is a list of why your business needs a website.

Why WordPress- Why is it dominating the market?

As far as website platforms go, there are many reasons why WordPress is by far the most popular choice on the market. According to 2015 data from W3Techs, around 25% of all websites are hosted on WordPress.

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